Services + Support. Community + Connection.

The Native Resource Hub is for all Native people in Washington state.

Call 866-491-1683

OPEN from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Native Resource Hub is a phone line and centralized information center.

We help Native people and their health care providers find resources for:

  • Food or housing insecurity.
  • Mental health needs.
  • Trouble paying energy or utility bills.
  • A desire to connect with their culture or community through tribal events.
  • Drug dependence or addiction, including alcohol addiction.
  • Legal challenges.
  • Job loss or trouble finding a job.
  • Any need to connect with resources, services or support.

We serve all Indigenous people in Washington.

  • American Indian and Alaska Native people.
  • First Nations people.
  • Tribal members and unenrolled descendents.
  • You can call regardless of your tribe’s homeland.

All our staff members are Native people.

  • We are Native counselors trained to listen and provide support and resources.
  • As tribal members and descendents, we understand Native cultures and healing.
How it works

We help you connect with resources.

If you need support, we’ll help find you a resource soon.
We direct you to resources that help.
We follow up to make sure the connection is working.
We help you find connection and community.

We connect you and your care providers in Washington to culturally appropriate, community-based services and resources, based on our continually updated database.

We also track bed capacity at treatment centers and other behavioral health programs, so we can direct you to teams ready to support you.

We provide support no matter your level of need or the urgency of your situation.

One of our goals is to help before your situation becomes an emergency.

For example, we want to help you find affordable housing before you become homeless, find utility assistance before you lose power, or obtain mental health care before you’re in crisis.

The Hub provides light case management, maintaining contact with you for about two weeks to make sure you’re connected with the service or resource you need.

We follow up when you’ve been discharged from treatment and other behavioral health programs.

We also follow up on referrals from the Native and Strong Lifeline (a suicide-prevention line for Indigenous people in Washington state).


We provide information about cultural events. We can connect you with tribal elders.

A Resource For And By Native People

The Hub fosters connection. Connection heals.

The Hub saves you time and energy in finding support.

The Hub keeps a continually updated database of culturally appropriate, community-based resources.

For individuals and families, this helps ensure improved access to services.

For providers, the Hub’s big-picture perspective on available services supports your ability to provide coordinated care.

The Hub builds trust and understanding.

As Native people, many of us feel safer talking to other Native people when we’re in need or in crisis.

We help people who need support overcome distrust and skepticism, so they can reach out and start to make the connections they need.

Seeking support is a sign of strength to be honored and respected. Native callers to the Hub are heard and supported, welcomed and valued.

The Hub sees and serves the whole person.

Whole people need whole-person support to be healthy. If you are struggling to pay utilities, it’s difficult to focus on your recovery, for example.

The Hub can connect callers with services to provide the support they need to heal, as well as the healing services.

Healing, recovery, finding community – it’s a journey. We are with you on the journey.

Find other types of service and support.

Resources after business hours:

Call 866-789-1511

The Washington Recovery Help Line is open 24/7.

It serves the general population, not specifically Native people.

If you or someone else is thinking about suicide:

Visit Website

Call the Native and Strong Lifeline. Dial 988 and press 4 from a Washington state area code.

Native crisis counselors are available 24/7 to provide free, confidential support.

The Hub is here to help.

It can be difficult to navigate the behavioral health and crisis systems. We all can use help sometimes connecting with services or support for ourselves or for our patients or clients.

The Native Resource Hub exists to provide that help. The Hub was created by a partnership among the Tribal Centric Behavioral Health Advisory Board, the American Indian Health Commission, the Washington State Health Care Authority and the Washington State Department of Health, along with the Volunteers of America of Western Washington.

Let friends, relatives and providers know about the Native Resource Hub.